Summer Jamming

The Mutant Waveformz crew has managed to sneak in a few summertime jams, heading to the Moonbi hills at Lynchwood near Tamworth in late December, then a series of progressive jams at various houses over the last 2 months as we start to prepare for upcoming events later in the year.








Room in the Heart multicultural community theatre

Unityengine was proud to support the “Room in the Heart ” multicultural community theatre project performance tonight . Coordinated by well known dramaturg Niz Jabor & Jesmond Neighbourhood Centre the show drew a great crowd on a stormy night featuring drama, music, dance & song.


Chunky Dumpster Wheelie Bin goes wireless!

Well it appears that $15 & 10 minutes on ebay is all it took for the chunky dumpster wheelie bin PA to become wireless enabled with a bluetooth receiver & join the 21st century….

Some other essential upgrades have been done including foam vibration mounts under¬† the crossover & resoldering all connections to battle the bass vibrations…. ready for summer!


YESfest Newcastle

Well folks , the yes votes have it!

but … prior to the final result of the national marriage equality postal survey, YESfest was held in King Edward Park , one of the most stunning locations in Newcastle, to support LGBTIQ folks in the push for a YES vote.

Featuring heaps of cool action , speeches art activities & music + stalls from ACON , Headspace , UP & UP , Amnesty, University Queer Collective  & more.

Unityengine Productions¬† jumped on board with sound production support for the day & fun was had…..


Oregon Eclipse 2017

What an interesting journey we had trekking off to the northern hemisphere to attend the 2017 Oregon Eclipse Festival.

Probably the biggest transformational, global arts event we’ve experienced & it delivered on all fronts – beauty , weirdness, creativity, friendliness, connection & magic.

Waaaayyy to much awesome stuff to list & the only downside was the extraordinarily long wait to get into the party site due to traffic congestion.

some pics here to wet your whistle & get you psyched for the next one in Australia 2028 , only 11 years to wait……


Dance like Kate Bush Day 2017

Unityengine volunteered the chunky dumpster wheelie bin for a great cause today: World Dance Like Kate Bush Day.
Thee sun was a shining in king Edward park newcastle as a hundred or so Kate Bushes gathered to dance to Wuthering Heights. Great event , excellent people & hilarious fun!




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